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Platelet Rich Plasma

One of the most popular and innovative procedures on the market today which consists of extracting white blood cells from your own blood samples and directly re applying to desired areas of improvement. This treatment will actually promote the regrowth of your own natural collagen.
Restores skin vitality, increases its thickness and elastic consistency. The advantage of Platelet Rich Plasma is the use of a risk-free biological substance manufactured by your own body. This procedure rejuvenates the skin and slows the aging process as well as visibly improving the appearance of scars and wrinkles.


Platelet Rich Plasma Deluxe

In addition to our typical PRP treatment process, this deluxe version includes a microdermabrasion procedure that is performed prior to the PRP.
This exfoliates the skin and removes all impurities prior to introducing the plasma for maximum effectiveness. Both red and white blood cells are enriched with vitamins, minerals and nutrients prior to their application. The white blood cells are introduced via a very fine needle and finally a nutrient rich face mask composed of your own red blood cells is applied.



This technique involves the use of a superfine needle and the infiltration of botulin into the muscle, producing relaxation and inhibiting movement thereof. Its fundamental aesthetic application is the treatment of wrinkles; particularly those that appear between the eyebrows, forehead, the corners of the lips and/or contour of the eyes.

Per unit


A technique using carbon dioxide that has a large variety of uses.This procedure can be utilized to oxygenate tissues, tighten the skin's’ flaccidity, eliminate cellulite, reduce stretch marks and scars, lighten skin tone, stop hair loss and promote hair growth, reaffirm breasts and buttocks, slow the aging process, and even help with erectile dysfunction.

Per Area

(Discounted pricing will be applied when treating multiple areas)

Mesotherapy / Derma-gel

A technique in which via injection we can eliminate localized fat, eliminate cellulite, combat stretch marks, scars and acne, amongst many other uses.

Per Area

* Starting at

Weight Management

A program in which the nutritionist will NOT allow you to work out!
Lose over 4 pounds per week.
Exercise is forbidden during this weight loss program. Combined medical and aesthetic nutritional approach in which a balanced diet is implemented along with medication to achieve the desired weight loss. Finally a stabilization plan is implemented to prevent rebound.

1st Visit

There after

Varicose Veins

A treatment called Sclerotherapy is used to instantly and permanently remove the unsightly appearances of varicose veins.


(Includes treatment of both legs. Price may vary depending on severity)


Removal of excess body fat from upper and lower abdomen as well as the love handles via an injectable solution that is absorbed by the fat cells, the cells are then treated using ultrasonic cavitation. Your body will then naturally release the broken down fat via urination. The removal process is enhanced by applying a specialized lymphatic drainage massage. You will be required to return for 2 additional ultrasonic cavitation follow-up treatments which are all included in the price.


Gluteal and Other Muscle Growth

A combination of this treatment and the right exercise can quickly and beautifully grow the gluteal muscles up to twice its original size.
This procedure can also be applied on other muscles of the body creating the beach body you’ve always dreamed of.

Per Session

(Requires a minimum of 4 sessions)

PRP Hair Regeneration

Primarily used for men suffering from receding hair lines for men and women with thinning hair problems. This treatment is nonsurgical and produces amazing results with zero down time.


And with zero down time

Teeth Whitening

During the short 15-20 minutes session, peroxide molecules break down pigmented compounds trapped in teeth enamel. This restores teeth to a natural, beautiful white. The procedure is very effective for teeth that are stained by smoking, coffee, tea, red wine, or other foods and drinks. More difficult stains, such as discoloration from certain medications like tetracycline or fluoride, can be significantly improved with our system.


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