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Facial Peels

Used for the removal of stains, wrinkles and imperfections. Gently removes traces of aging, stress and sun damage, providing a uniform overall rejuvenation of the face. The intense pulsed light emits a broadband light that can treat several targets at once including pigmented spots, veins and/or rough skin texture and the overall quality of the skin by stimulating collagen formation. The energy of light acts in the underlying layers of the skin to gradually improve the tone and texture, remove blemishes, redness, large pores, fine wrinkles and generally renews the appearance. As a general rule, the deeper the skin is peeled, the more dramatic the improvement of the skin will be. The depth of the peel will also determine the price and the amount of healing time required.

Very Light Peel

3 days downtime

Light Peel

5 days down time

Medium Depth Peel

*Medium Depth Peel before and after

The most effective laser rejuvenation procedure produces spectacular results that will make you look 10 year younger! This procedure eliminates several layers of the skin allowing for complete regeneration of healthy young skin. Post care will require at least one week of downtime with no sun exposure for several days and minimal sun exposure until fully healed.

Per session

(Includes all aftercare products.)

Bridal Veil

Kills bacteria, removes dead cells and creates an immediate evening glow with no down time. Bridal Veil is a treatment that will revive your skin evenly with a uniform tone. You will notice an almost instant natural brightness and smoothness. The heat generated by the ERBIUM laser stimulates the regeneration of collagen creating firm, radiant skin. This procedure is suitable for all skin types including both men and women.


Express Rejuvenation

One of our most popular and highest recommended procedures. It involves the use of three different lasers that will leave you looking and feeling absolutely stunning.
A lasting combination of lifting, toning and hydration. The name “express” is due to the wonderful fact that you will experience zero downtime!
Our lasers can accurately target thousands of microscopic areas of the skin and apply to both fine and moderate wrinkles that will disappear quickly.


Rejuvenation of Nasolabial Folds

A combination of lifting toning and hydrating through our erbium laser.


Acne Elimination

*Acne Treatment before and after

Treatment and removal of acne. The treatment is performed using our ND YAG laser. This procedure can be used anywhere on the body prone to breakouts, including the face, chest or back. It is efective to get rid of existing acne and stop new outbreaks. The treatment can even minimize the appearance of existing acne scars. Lasers work by destroying the sebaceous glands that make your skin oily.

Per session

(usually requires 4-6 sessions)


Our Erbium laser is used in this procedure and the energy emitted rapidly eliminates the undesired pigments without affecting the surrounding skin.
This generally requires one to four sessions of approximately 15 minutes each with a period of four weeks in between each session.

Per session
Per area

(+/- depending on size and severity)

Toe Nail Fungi Elimination

Light passes through the affected nail, without irritating healthy tissue or the root so it can grow smoothly. The laser sterilizes and kills nail fungus spores.


Per session
Per area

(May require up to 3 sessions)

Spider Veins

Removal of spider veins. Laser technology is considered the most effective approach for this type of treatment.
The procedure usually lasts between 15-20 minutes depending on the severity of the area being treated. Usually one session is sufficient although occasionally a re-touch may be required.
Price includes both legs.


(Price may vary depending on severity)

Moles, Skin Tags, Wart Removals

* Mole removal before and after

This laser treatment generally requires only one session although occasionally the mole, skin tag or wart may resurface and require a second session to be fully eliminated.

Per removal

(Price may vary depending on severity)

Permanent Laser Hair Removal

The laser emits invisible light beams combined with a heat source which is absorbed by the pigment of the hair follicle; Cutting blood supply & oxygen thereby preventing future growth Laser hair removal requires multiple sessions. Usually 6 sessions will suffice.

Hair Removal
Per Session if
Paid Individually
Per Package
of 6 sessions
Brazilian $145 $625
Bikini Area $120 $495
Legs $295 $1,350
1/2 Legs $180 $895
Arms $199 $945
1/2 Arms $125 $625
Under Arm $99 $ 495
Whole Face
(Does not include neck)
$80 $ 395
Half Face
(from nose down)
$40 $195
Neck $60 $295
Full Back $300 $1,495
Lower Back Only $160 $815
Upper Back Only $160 $815
Chest $115 $575
Abdomen $200 $995
Shoulders $100 $495
Hands and Feet $45 $225
Hands Only $30 $145
Feet Only $30 $145
Buttocks $160 $795

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